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Beautiful Day

I am home now. I sure missed training my dogs. But we got back into the swing of things today. Roo is really beginning to move out and work away, yet keep me in her line of sight. It is fun to watch her watch me :)

Rylie has been on a hiatus. He really has no self preservation, he literally throws himself at the A-frame-such a dork. Last year a pulled a muscle in his groin and the year prior he had a rotator cuff injury. He is physically back now and I will show him in AKC only. He jumps 20" there and it will be easier on his shoulders. He is really a hoot to run, fast, fast, fast.

Today was an open the windows day, perfect.

More on Belgium Agility

It is 6:30pm on Sunday and 9:24a, WA and CA time.

The championships are done. No clue who won, figured it wouldn't be posted till 9pm and we didn't want to wait.
In the team stuff today only one off course in jumpers and that was Mike Murphy. In the 3 dog relay one of the poodles went off course, that team consisted of 2 poodles and one 22" dog Ski. The other team of Mah, Sanders and Murphy had a super super clean run, but don't know if it was enough to place. The Russians had an awesome team one gal in particular Svetlana with 2 BC's both were equally good. She was fun to watch.

People don't spay and neuter their dogs in Belgium, even the mixed breeds are intact. But what I found amazing was that none of the boy dogs peed on things, posts, trash cans, peoples property-nothing. Had it been in the US everything post, table leg, trash can etc would have been peed on. One of my pet peeves. I have two boys and they have to squat NOT on things!!!!

The smoke in the stands was overpowering. There was no way to get away from it. The cigarette company's have a firm hold here in Europe.

They had an escargo (sp) vendor at the site, something you would not see in the US and I did not partake. I did however eat some sort of mystery meat shaped into the form of a hot dog then put in a deep fryer, it was good and probably best that I don't know what it consisted of. I didn't get sick or die from it, so it's all good.

We are off to The Netherlands tomorrow. I can only hope it is cooler.

May. 10th, 2008

Gamblers this morning, I so wanted to run it. The opening had a gamble that you could run twice. Not alot of dogs got it and most didn't even try it. I never look at a gamble and think I can't do it, I don't always make it, but I never think I can't. Snooker is a whole different issue of dislike.

Kate and Driven had a very nice run and made the final gamble which was tough. Rachel Sanders and Fable also made it thru as did Mike Murphy and Bailey. Those are the ones i remember.

Above is from yesterday. The server I was using would not let me send it.

Even tho Karen and I were there all day long yesterday and it was long, 9a - 9p, we never heard or saw any results until this morning on the agiledogs list. Oh well.

The US team has now be whitteled down to 2 teams of 3 each. The rest of the competitors will have to sit out today.

The 6 that will continue today are Stuart, Rachael, Ann, Mike and two women whose name I don't know with two awesome silver poodles.

They have beer at the site for One Euro a glass, it is flowing like water. Yesterday was a hoot, the competitors trade their shirts for other country's shirts. Some even brought old US USDAA shirts to trade for the shirts of the competitors it was to funny. Kate traded an old Brazil jersey for a current Netherlands orange t-shirt.

It is supposed to be COOL - NOT. In the 80's.

Belgium 2

Drove to Brussels today. I admit it, I don't like big cities, seen one, ya seen them all. The tight traffic patterns, no parking, a tall building, an old building, a building is a building. We had to go thru a very long underground tunnel, with, of course, bumper to bumper traffic. Came close to a panic attack yet again. I am a bit clostophobic, the teeny tiny 2 person elevator in the condo is not nice. The guy stuck in the elevator for 48 hours comes to mind, I would die with standing room only.

Attached is a pic of some nesting stokes. The country is beautiful.

Karen should have her photos posted later this evening. www.smugmug.com


Nothing Roo related. haven't seen her in 5 days :(............ I miss their furry little faces and Marvin too.

The plane ride was uneventful, thankfully. Karen was in first class, I was in the schmoe class.

It is weird to me that, so far, I mostly don't feel like I am in a foreign country. Sometimes it looks like any country setting in So Ca or PNW, except for the very old parts such as Bruges.

We are staying at a condo in Knokke a seaside resort for the "wealthy". We are about 2 blocks from the North Sea. I stuck my toes in.

We accidentally stopped at an agility center on the way here. A club house was attached and the owners were inside after training partaking of brewsky and smokes. We talked for a while, they were very nice. Karen asked about BC pups. She will meet up with a guy at the trial for more info.

Everybody we have come in contact with is very nice and helpful from directions to reading menus :)

We came across some Pig Cows, they are the damdest thing. Very muscular and rear end looks like pic - UGLY.

Off to Belgium

I am only having major stomach disturbances. ugh. I do not like to fly. Not sure what possesed me to go. Anyway will have a good time once I get there. We are going to cheer on the USA at IFCS Championships. I only am familiar with the big dog handlers, guess I am a big dog elitist.

We are going to look at some BC pups. No, I'm not getting one, but Karen is hopeful to find one to bring back.

Poor Marvin has never been alone for 2 weeks over the last 30 years. He was concerned about what he was gonna do for dinner. Oh my. I bought a bunch of stuff so he should be able to survive. But will the dogs????? Marvin is not a good caregiver. Oh he will feed them and pick up poo, but they will get no mental stimulation for 2 weeks.

This will be my first time off the continent. Looking forward to being there, just not getting there.


Roo is back to her normal non-stop self :)

The weather was perfect, there is new footing up at Argus which is great for both dogs and humans. Hardly any dust even with the big bullet dogs.

Again I had a ton of fun with Roo. She is one crazy girl. I am finding out where I have not adequately trained her. My timing is way off, way way off. She is no doubt the fastest dog I have owned which is a total high, I have to think and move faster. Perhaps this will be the spur that will help me to be motivated to lose 50 lbs. Where she does excel is her stay at the start, contacts, weaves-to include entries and table. It is just the stuff in between where we need improvement! We did manage our first Open standard leg and NAJ title. Happy, Happy. I will keep her in Open for a while until we clean up some of the "in between" stuff.

I leave for Belgium on Saturday - gulp. I never fly - what was I thinking. Already I have butterflies in my stomach.

Pulled Muscle II

Back from the vet. As I thought, it is a pulled muscle. Of course when we got up this morning, she looked perkier than over the week-end, however after the vet manipulating her, she is once again sore. She is on a muscle relaxer and Durmaxx. I may have to pull her from the Poodle Club AKC trial this week-end. Shark is entered so not a total bust.

Pulled Muscle in Neck

Not sure when or what happened, but Roo seems to have a stiff neck. She is holding her head at an odd angle. She doesn't act like she is in pain, but off to the vet tomorrow.

Glad it is warmer today, all they way to 48 degrees and holy cow, I see a bit of blue sky.